Project Information

Countries with more work-based learning have less youth unemployment.

Project "Support for small and medium sized enterprises engaging in apprenticeships: Getting SMEs on board" wants to contribute to the reduction of youth unemployment by increasing the supply and quality of apprenticeships.

In addition, it wants to support SMEs that struggle to find suitable candidates with the required competences due to lack of communication and linkages among VETs and SMEs. The project will be implemented in three countries: Italy, Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) and Germany. In every country, the project will be implemented in two target areas (in Italy Region of Tuscany in the territory of Arezzo and Pisa/Livorno; in BiH in Gorazde and Prijedor; in Germany Region of Nuremberg and around Nuremberg). All of them are characterized by a high number of SMEs. In Italy and in BiH the number of SMEs, which offer apprenticeships, is extremely low, while Germany has a well-established apprenticeship system and represents a good practices.

  • 1500 SMEs
  • 300 Secondary schools / VETs
  • 150 Enterprenurial tutors
  • 90 Educational tutors
  • 30 Intermediate tutors

The project will reach 2.350 SMEs that will be aware about the apprenticeships opportunities they can benefit of, to create a data base to facilitate the matching between youth and SMEs which will include 1.500 SMEs and 300 Secondary schools/VETs, to train 150 entrepreneurial tutors, 90 educational tutors, 30 intermediate tutors, to create a sustainable process that will work after the project.