Systematic regulation of the apprenticeship – A chance for employers!

Third Meeting of the Multi-Stakeholder Table

At the third Meeting of the Multi-Stakeholder Table (MST) on the Project „Support for SMEs engaging in apprenticeships - Getting SMEs on board“ held on 13 September 2017 in the Association ALDI Goražde, all members of the MST anonymously adopted the conclusion that the economy of Goražde needs the systematic regulation of the apprenticeship and it is necessary to undertake specific activities on its settlement. Also, all MST members expressed their readiness to participate in this issue, which is another confirmation of the quality of the recognizable “Gorazde model”.

The MST meeting was attended by representatives of: Minister of Economy BPK Gorazde with its associates, Director of the Employment Service of BPK Goražde, Director of Secondary Vocational School ''Dzemal Bijedic, President of the Association of employers BPK Goražde, representatives of "Prevent components” company as well as representatives of the Association ALDI.

Previously implemented project activities were presented and analyzed at the meeting and further steps in the process of systematic regulation of the apprenticeship in the BPK Gorazde area are agreed.